SIEN 彩の国国際交流ネットワーク

SIEN 彩の国国際交流ネットワーク






(日帰りイベント: 通常100円〜1000円程度) (泊りがけのイベント: 通常6000円〜10000円)

国を越えて人・物の交流を促進する / 国を越えて人・物の魅力を伝える / 国を越えて人・物の価値を高める

In 1997, 50 young people who participated in an event put on by the Saitama Prefecture Youth Guidance Division went on to form the non-profit international exchange and cooperation group, SIEN.
The aim of this group is to introduce Japanese culture and events as a way to help non-Japanese people settle into, and live comfortably as members of, the community. At the same time, we provide support for their Japanese language studies and foster mutual understanding between Japanese and non-Japanese.
As the birth rate declines and society ages, it becomes necessary to rely on an immigrant workforce if Japan wishes to maintain its strength as a nation. Mutual exchange from a common perspective is therefore becoming more and more essential, not just for the foreign population, but also for the Japanese population and for Japanese society as a whole.
At SIEN, we not only introduce Japanese culture to non-Japanese, but also introduce events from overseas to Japan. In that way, we truly exchange and learn from each other. About once a month we organize Japanese cultural events like day trips to Tokyo, rice planting, and sushi making, as well as tours to places such as the Parliament building, Kabuki theaters, and sake factories. So come join us. Anyone is more than welcome!

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# We don't charge any membership fee or registration fee, etc. You just only pay the fee for each event you come.

(One day event: usually between 200 yen and 1,000 yen)

(Over night event: usually between 6,000 yen and 10,000 yen)

<SIEN's mission> To look beyond borders and foster exchange and share with others the beauty of other cultures.


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