SIEN 彩の国国際交流ネットワーク

SIEN 彩の国国際交流ネットワーク


This international network is based on the “Youth International Exchange Promotion Project” organized by the Saitama prefectural government in the fall of 1997. Our aim is to promote our friendship and cultural exchange beyond the differences of our birthplaces and cultural or social backgrounds. If you are interested in getting to know people from other countries and their culture, please feel free to contact us. You are more than welcome to just come along and see what the activities are like. A schedule of activities are given by email. We are waiting to hear from you soon!


@ The publication of a newsletter every other month.
AOnce every two months, there is an event meeting in Urawa. We go out for a meal afterwards..
BOrganizing days for sports such as tennis, badminton, skiing and skating, various parties, traveling or visiting various places, lake a beer factory, the supreme court, etc.
CCountries of origin of people in the network : Japan, China, Korea, Indonesia, Australia, US, Canada, England, Turkey, New Zealand, etc.

C会員の国籍 : 日本、中国、韓国、タイ、カナダ、アメリカ、オーストラリア他

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